Vehicle Registration

Stop wasting your time in those long lines! Let us assist you with our additional services: Vehicle Registration, Instant Renewal, Title Transfer and more. ALE Insurance offers these services for your convenience. Waiting in line is a thing of the pass! Give us a call to help you out now.
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  • Vehicle Registration – to file your vehicle please have the following items ready: last 5 digits of your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), Smog Certification, and renewal notice with current address.
  • Instant Renewal – instantly renew your vehicle at one of our locations: Pomona, Chino or Pomona.
  • Title Transfer – for title transfer please bring the following: pink slip or renewal slip, license plate number, smog check, proof of valid insurance, ID and fees due.
  • Salvage / Junked – a salvage vehicle is a vehicle that has wrecked, destroyed, or damaged. To obtain a salvage certificate please give us a call for further details.
  • Placards & Decals – get your placards and decals at one of our locations. Save time and call us now to help you with this.
  • Vessel Registration – vessel applies to every description of water-craft used or capable of being used as a means of transportation on water, call for more information. To register please bring: Application for Vessel Certificate of Number, Proof of Ownership.
  • Registration Forms – you can find the majority of registration forms at one of our locations: Pomona, Chino or Ontario.
  • Commercial Registration – you can also find registration services for commercial vehicles. Please call us for more information.


Vehicle Registration in Pomona • Vehicle Registration in Ontario • DMV Services in Chino

Come in to one of locations to help you with our additional services. ALE Insurance is not only capable of offering you insurance services, but also the convenience of our additional services like: Vehicle Registration, Tittle Transfer and Salvage / Junked Certificate. No more annoying long lines – no more wasting your time. You will find all of these services at all of locations: Pomona, Ontario and Chino. You can also call us or reach us via email with any questions. Ale Insurance always puts you first!